Code 4010 - SuperPINK 1 Litre

SuperPINK concentrate is a gentle, multi-purpose, pH neutral detergent. Equal to over 8 bottles of shop bought detergents. It does not contain soap or harsh alkalis.
•Can be used as a liquid soap (Dilute 1:2) – leaves your bathroom free of soap residue.
•Ideal for handwashing delicate fabrics, woollens and dishes, cutlery and greasy pots and pans.
•SuperPINK can be used as a pet shampoo and leaves your pets coat soft and shiny.
•Non toxic – Non caustic and readily biodegradable.
•May be diluted up to 1:5 with water
•One capful of 1:3 dilution for a sinkful of water when dishwashing by hand. One or two capfuls in a bucket, or tub, of water is enough to wash pets, cars, delicate fabrics etc.
Item Code: 4010 – This product is available in larger packs, for 4 litre size select in the options below and for larger sizes please phone (02) 9939 2722 for pricing.
We recommend for your initial purchase the SuperPINK Pack (Codes 4010 + 5025 + 5030) – see ‘Home care starter packs’ or Extras

Type: Home Care Products

Brand: Super Concentrates

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