Code 4005 - SuperBLUE 1 litre

A highly concentrated multi purpose cleaner.
Made in Australia since 1967 (now called SuperBLUE)
It is equal to over 40 bottles of other cleaners – you simply add water. SuperBLUE can be used to clean almost anything so replaces the need for many different types of cleaning products. It has over 100 uses in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and garage.
Non Toxic / Non Flammable / Readily Biodegardable / Water Based. Safe to use on and around food preparation areas. Costs approx. 65 cents for a bottle (500ml) of normal strength cleaner and 11 cents for 500ml of window cleaner strength.
Safe to use with septics and waste treatment systems.
Cleans grease, grime and stains from most surfaces and fabrics.

Item Code: 4005 – This product is available in larger packs (4 or 20 Litres). For 4 Litres see the options below and for the 20 litre please phone (02) 9939 2722 for pricing.

We recommend for your initial purchase the SuperBLUE Pack (Codes 4005 + 5005) – see ‘Home care starter packs’ or
Extras Code 5005.

Type: Home Care Products

Brand: Super Concentrates

Availability: In Stock

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