Code 4070 - Protein Rebuilder - 200ml

Item Code 4070 Blue Moon PROTEIN REBUILDER is a 5 minute
protein treatment for dull and damaged hair. PH Balanced 4.5 – 5.5
This product is a hydrolised blend of natural amino acids and polypeptides – nature’s building blocks of protein.
Hair that is damaged and weakened by the sun, wind, surf and swimming pool water can become dull, lifeless and easily subject to breakage and split ends. Hair bleaches, straighteners, perms, tints and excessive use of hair dryers and rollers will cause further damage. Regular use of a good hair treatment can help strengthen hair and therefore minimise the damage. Each bottle of Blue Moon Protein Rebuilder will provide approximately 20 treatments at a fraction of the cost of salon prices.
Item Code: 4070

Type: Hair Care

Brand: Blue Moon

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