Code 4195: Ezi-Root Gel 50ml

EZI-ROOT Hormone Gel is a unique scientifically formulated rooting hormone that provides a superior strike of cuttings – both hardwood and softwood.

EZI-ROOT is faster and more effective than most conventional preparations.

Scientifically Researched & Proven
Two hormones – contains NAA as well as IBA. Research shows that a combination of these two hormones is generally more effective across a wider range of species than IBA alone.

No Alcohol – unlike many gels, EZI-ROOT doesn’t use alcohol to dissolve the hormone, therefore is nonphytotoxic to plants.

Wetting Agent – helps break down the surface tension, wax and sap – resulting in more effective delivery of the hormones to the cutting.

Fungicide – reduces the likelihood of cross contamination between cuttings, It also ensures the cuttings are planted out with minimal microbial contamination.

Widely Researched and Trialed – EZI-ROOT has been extensively researched and trialed, and is used on a wide range of natives from Western Australia to Queensland. It is also effective for exotics and both softwood and hardwood cuttings.

Increased Strike Rate – Trial data and propagation testimonials indicate that EZI-ROOT can increase production as well as increase strike rates over many conventional striking products.

Less burning -the effective delivery system used in EZI-ROOT requires a lower concentration of hormones, thus reducing the risk of burning – further increasing the strike rate.

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Brand: Super Concentrates

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